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Job Opportunities with Women Traveling Together

POSITION: Tour Leader (No positions available at this time):
Contract Position – As needed to lead tours (1-4 tours a year, depending on needs of WTT).

We currently add to our staff based on the number of tours we plan to operate two years in the future. When the need to add additional staff arises, WTT offers Tour Leader Training, which is typically a 4-day seminar, held near our home office in Annapolis, MD.  Tour Leader Training serves two purposes: to learn the skills necessary to be a successful tour leader with Women Traveling Together and as a job interview.

WTT only hires Tour Leaders from those who have successfully completed our Tour Leader Training, though mere completion of the training does not infer an employment contract. Women who may have tour leading experience with other companies, or who have attended ITMI, must still attend WTT Tour Leader Training.
As you might imagine, spots in Tour Leader Training are coveted.  Therefore, those interested in becoming a WTT Tour Leader must first apply for one of the available spots.  If accepted and invited to attend, you must then register and pay for the training seminar.

WTT announces Tour Leader Training on our website and via our email list.  If you would like to be notified when we offer Tour Leader Training again, we recommend you add your name to our email list (you can do so from the home page of WTT’s website) so you will be assured of receiving notice of future sessions.  

About the Position:
•    Tour Leaders are ultimately responsible for the success of their tours and understand that this is a JOB, not a paid vacation.  
•    WTT Tour Leaders are an integral part of the tour, and often share a room with a traveler to round out the rooming list.  The Tour Leader participates in all of the tour activities, has her meals with the travelers, and is on call 24/7.
•    For the woman who is accepted into our training program, is offered a position, and passes her probation period, she can expect her air and trip to be paid for, be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses, and receive per diem pay.
•    Tour Leaders can expect to be assigned 2-4 tours a year, and more depending on availability and skills that match our needs.

The minimum requirements for being considered for a WTT Tour Leader Position:
-    Prior travel experience (i.e. well traveled) - International, USA, and Canada
-    Leadership experience and great people skills
-    Works well under pressure; can solve problems and stay calm
-    Good written and verbal communication skills
-    Comfortable with Email, Microsoft WORD, and other web technologies
-    Owns a smart phone that supports International calling and texting features
-    Physically fit and no medical issues that would interfere with your responsibilities
-    Have a clean driving record (tour leaders are required to lead at least 1 domestic tour a year and drive a 15 passenger Sprinter mini-coach)
-    Acknowledge that you will be sharing a room with a traveler when required to even out the room-sharing requests.
-    Available to lead at least 2 tours a year that are 7 days to 14 days in length
-    Can lead tours any time of the year (not just the summer!)
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